Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So what do you do exactly?

So many of you must be thinking to yourself... self what in the world is Janis doing in Fiji. I thought she was supposed to be saving the world but it looks like she's on a joy ride.On the contrary I am in the early stages of a 7 week training for my permanent placement. I am living with a host family in a village. My days are spent learning Fijian, learning how to create and tend a garden and learning different information about the culture,political and social structure of Fiji.

Alot goes into learning how to integrate seamlessly into the community in order to have the support of your village in order to get projects off the ground quicker.It's all an overload of information for me but it's going to be useful in the long run when I have o actually do it on my own.Also, I am living with a host family in order to learn how to be able to tend to doing basic tasks when I get to my permanent placement. I will learn how to use public transport,cook outdoors or on kerosene stoves,conserve water,keep my food safely away from rats, cockroaches,mosquitos and lizards and most importantly how to wash my clothes by hand.It's nice living with my Fijian family, they are so willing to teach me things and to open their culture up to me.

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  1. wow janis...seems like you have alot to do and u haven't even started your job yet...
    p.s.-have you seen a rat yet? want to know if its actually as big a s cat over there...