Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So they used to eat people?

My host brother told me a story of how life used to be in Fiji and I thought I'd relay it onto you.

my village has poles from where homes called bures were used as foundational poles in olden times stood.In order to get that wood to this village which was surrounded by water was to roll them on top of people. These people were called the kaisi and were considered to be at the bottom of the hierarchy system in Fiji.Needless to say they died as a result of huge pieces of lumber being rolled on top of their bodies.then when the carpenters needed to make sure the poles were level inside the ground they had the kaisi hold the pole in place in the ground.When the pole was level the kaisi were buried in the pole as to ensure that the pole did not shift. Also, they were the lucky ones to be chosen as meals for the chief whenever he felt for food.There is an actual spot where the kaisi people would be strung up by their legs so that the chief could inspect them and choose which one he wanted to eat.Then Christian missionaries slowly came into the picture and changed that all around, thank goodness.

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