Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's almost here it's almost here!

It slowly becomes more real to me as the time gets closer for my next big step in life. What has made it even more real for me is getting contacted by four other people who have also accepted an invitation to serve in Fiji.It's nice to know that I have someone who is only an email away that is going through the same anxieties as I am. Especially that packing anxiety, I have so much already but still I have alot more to get.I know other volunteers say that you don't have to stock up on toiletires since it's easy to get in Fiji, but the thing is I feel like I need to be over prepared for things like that, cuz I'll be damned if I get into a situation where I need my hair lotion but I can't find one that fits my particular hair texture.

On another note, I read a blog of a volunteer stationed in Peru and how the hardest thing for them being away from home is missing out on alot of milestones like weddings, births and graduations.I can definitely see that as being difficult since I have already missed out on a few momentous occasions of my friends who live in the same country as me.I guess though sometimes people will miss the big things in other people's lives so that they can experience their own milestones.

I hope that this milestone in my life will bring new friends, wonderful experiences and a few trying moments to strengthen my mind and soul.


  1. Hi Blessed!
    I too am going through what you are! Meet you in LA..May 18th

  2. Hi Janis
    I COMPLETELY relate to the packing woes!!!
    I have soooo many lotions and VITAMINS!!! How to stay under 80 pounds?!!
    I look forward to meeting you at staging!