Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Go tell your peeps..I am going to fiji!

Yesterday I got an update from the Peace Corps about my flight information.Every new piece of information I get is like Christmas!!! So excited about this whole new chapter I will be embarking on.First of course I will be flying out of Chicago then head over to Los Angeles to meet the entire Peace Corps that's going to Fiji. We fly out of LAX and have the pleasure of taking a 10 hr and 40 min flight.Hopefully the inflight movies are good and it won't hurt if the person I sit next to has a great personality ad takes their personal hygeine seriously.
As of right now I have been able to get in contact with about 9 other people who will be going with me to Fiji.I know the group is going to be about triple that and I can't wait to meet everyone in person.


  1. Yes Christmas!! My ride to LAX is a short one done the coast..1hr..so excited ..are you all packed??!

  2. I have practically everything I need. Just getting my toiletries together.Hopefully I'll be under the weight limit.