Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What's Next...Hurry Up and Wait

As of right now I have completed all the forms I needed to from my invitation kit.I wrote my aspiration statement and resume-all by my lonesome with the help of my mommy.I also got my dental forms and my passport application filled out and sent in.All my forms have been checked and accepted.Now all I have to do is wait.One thing that the Peace Corps they are great about weeding out the people with no patience. I would find it hard to believe that an impatient person could stand the timeline that the Peace Corps has set up. Helps though because I'm hearing from alot of PCV(Peace Corps Volunteers.) That while serving in your country an integral trait one needs to have is patience.

Speaking of PCV's I have been able to connect with a few volunteers to draw upon their knowledge so I can prepare myself for this journey. I know I can't be 100% prepared but I am learning alot of valuable information that needs to sink into my head early. So far the biggest thing is that I don't need to carry alot of clothes.My mom can vouch for me when I say that I pack awhole lot more clothes than I need for any trip I take.Now it's slowly settling in that I really don't need that many clothes because there will be alot of stores for me to purchase clothes to wear in Fiji.Basically, I'll have lot less to lug through the airport if I pack light and pick up stuff when I'm in Fiji.

There are certain thing son my packing list though that I need to purchase before I leave.I am doing my shopping very slowly.Already bought about 5 skirts and I think I wont get anymore skirts.But I looking more to getting kitchen utensils, equipment and toiletries.If you have the urge to purchase a few things off my list feel free to let me know I can send you my 8 page list the Peace Corps gave me.

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