Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Being Persistent...When noone else cares

So in the last few months I have come across something really disheartening.I would suggest an activity to the staff at the school to participate in.Everyone would want to participate then when it comes down to it for them to do their part, it doesn't get done and then the excuses roll in.I have tried on and off to remind them of the work to ensure they get it done but i've come to a point where I have to ask myself how often do I need to keep reminding them?When do I just back off?Maybe it's not sticking because they're not that interested and I should just drop it.But I don't know,maybe I do need to remind continually.however, I don't want to seem like i'm being a hassle to them and they're only doing the work just for me and not for their own benefit and for their students' benefit.Folks out there, how do you think I should handle it?

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