Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I do stuff... promise

Other than the Agricultural Fair and Sports Fetival I planned/cordinated all these events for the students.

Students working on their journals for literacy camp. They would get quiet time at the end of the day to write/draw in them

Students and their teacher at work for the literacy camp

Me in a salwaar kameez-traditional Indian outfit, giving out a prize of brownies to the two classes who worked hardest at separating their waste.

Students lined up at our American Independence Day programme to answer questions and get a goody

My lovely assistant Volunteer Sara, showing pictures of famous Americans

Students checkig out termites at the local Agricultural Fair

Me with a baby chick at the Agricultural Fair

One of my students

Firefighters and students at school

Students walking calmly to the evacuation area for a fire drill

Students lined up at the evacuation area for the fire drill

Sports festival with neighbouring school. The ashy elbow on the right s me. I got to lead warm-ups and cool downs

Sports Festival

The Pre-Vocational Girls class visiting the fire station

The Prevocational girls class at the library

Visiting the police station

Ministry of Health staff visited senior classes to teach about first aid and sexual health

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