Thursday, June 23, 2011

Janis has antipathy for English

So as one of my ongoing projects is that I have undertaken the task of trying to improve the reading abilities of 6 students. I do one on one classes that last about 15 mins at most.We do individual letter sounds, pairing letters together to make new sounds and just listening to students read.
I knew I hated English already among all other academic subjects but now I know that I hate it.English does not make one bit of sense when you're trying to teach it to someone if it's their second language.For example the letter e.When you teach it's letter sound it comes to be e like elephant or egg but the e can take on a different sound when it is in the word the or tremble or gullible.Or even the letter g it can take on two different sounds like grain or german.So the child may pronounce german but say the g like in grain, how do you tell him that's wrong and that sometimes g chooses to be different?How do you learn and teach the difference? Also c and k, a kid can get real confused on those two letters once spelling tests come around and they are trying to sound the word out in their head and it could be a toss up between c and k or it could be both!I probably said this before but my gosh! It's a wonder people can read and now it's not such a shock that there are some people that can't read because it's ridiculously hard in the beginning!
Hats off to Ms. McClaren who helped improve my reading !

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