Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just So you Know

Hey all! IT's been a little while but I am back to give you another update of my time.I made the Fiji National News! Pretty cool, it was taken during the Peace Corps Swearing In Ceremony where I become an official Volunteer instead of just a trainee.The link is posted on my facebook page or it is on youtube so if you type in something like Fiji 1 news Peace Corps you should get the link.So now i'm world famous! YAY!
In other news I am settling in fine to my new home for the next two years and have been enjoying my site so far.The school that I am at has only a roster of about 100 kids. They are all very wonderful and rambunxious.I can see I will have my hands full with them when I start different programs. The teachers are wonderful, they have a heart of gold to have the patience to work with kids.That is why I will NEVER be a teacher because kids can be way too much.I watch the kids though and I wonder to myself was I like that as a kid? Was I that hyped up ALL the time or always telling on my classmates to the teacher when they did something to me or thinking that water and soap were optional things?Mommy and Daddy can you reply to these inquiries?
My house is wonderful, lots of space, a sitting area and dining area and best of all a wrap around balcony so I can see out into the valley and mountains.So since I'm not in a village living in a little hut with no electricity then I'm sure many more of you are obliged to come visit me.(If that was the only things stopping you)
The town is just a 1/2 hour walk from my house and it is really nice, a huge market , lots of shops to indulge my need to shop and instead of a Mcdonalds on every corner there's a supermarket on every corner-no joke.

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