Friday, July 23, 2010

Hats off to the great teachers of the world!

So I am working with a school for the next two years as my Peace Corps service.I knew I had a tremendous amount of respect for teachers and the hassle they went through and how much patience and love a person must ahve to dedicate their lives to teaching. However, after only being at the school for two weeks and attending their staff meetings, doing home visits and observing classes that teachers are the most hard working gropu of people-HANDS DOWN.Man kids are wonderful joys to have a round but sometimes you just want to ing their neck, lol.To have the patience to teach children topics for weeks, trying to impart knowledge and seeing at times major absorption of the work or slow pick up of the topic but being faithful to their job and to the students no matter what is continually astounding.the other day I was sitting with a student asking her to read me the story book she had.Most of the words she hadn't mastered so I tried to assist her in learning the words.MAN it took all of me to be patient and work at their pace to learn the words and not get frustrated when a word we went over a page ago looked like she had never seen it before and I had to go over the word again.Another time I was with a studet doing a small addition problem which took us about what felt like an hour to do and still we weren't able to get thoguh it to put the answer on the page.
Also, being on the other side of the desk and observing staff meetings shows how much paperwork a teacher has to do. So many forms to fill out,activity lessons to plan and books to check on a daily basis.It can make even the best of us go crazy.
In summation I wish all the wonderful teachers out there from my schools and any teacher out there who is working so hard to make sure their kids reacht their potential the most deepest gratitude and I want you to know that I apprecite what you are doing and to know that you are doing the most noble profession out there-HANDS DOWN.

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