Friday, February 25, 2011

What are you doing?

So since school started back at the end of January it feels like my work has gone into overdrive and I haven't been quite able to get my head into it.A big project i've taken on is doing literacy assessments for two classes.I am trying to assess their reading ability and from there I can know where to start to helping them.I understood it would take a while but I didn't know that this thing would take close to two months to get through.Man it sucks but it's a great way to understand a student's abilities.
Big things are popping in Fiji.Had our school's prefect induction.Prefects are the students who get a bit more power to be able to boss around the other students when need be.Nice to see proud parents.

Also, had a celebration of the Prophet Muhammad's birthday which is observed by Muslims all over.A nieghbouring school came and did different prayers and speeches to teach the school about the prophet.

Fiji also stopped to observe the death of the President(think King of England level) of Fiji.The school spent the day watching the funeral on t.v. and the special ceremonies that were held at the president's home village.

Another cool thing is that I attended my first Hindu wedding-well day two on the groom's side anyway.Indian weddings are traditionally three day extravaganzas where on the first two days the groom and bride have separate events and on day three is a joint affair.When I went, I got to witness the groom being blessed by his close family and being confined to his home.But man the true attraction was the sarees the women wore.All sorts of colours and patterns that you could never even imagine.It was beautiful.I think I've decided that I'll have an Indian wedding in order to have the excuse to buy a million sarees for the events.

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