Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Is that Sincere?

I just wanted to write a quick thing about invitations here in Fiji.As I had said in previous blogs people here are very friendly.Even when it comes to special events.It is very common for a local to invite you to any function being planned such as a wedding,funeral,birthday party even if you just met them and hardly caught each other's names.You think that maybe the person was just trying to be nice and just said it, just to say it.However you quickly find out that it was truly genuine when they see you again after the event happened and ask why you didn't come and that they waited forever for you because it turns out you were going to be the honoured guest or were told about to all the other guests. Many PeaceCorps had this happen and it surely won't be the last.So anytime you're in Fiji that what you think maybe be a non-committal and informal invitation to an event is really a heartfelt, sincere invitation.

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