Friday, May 21, 2010

so where do you live now...Fiji!!!

I got into Fiji on the 20th .the flight was okay I slept for a while then watched movies on my own personal t.v. the airplane provides.when I actually landed in Fiji and looked all around me I was thinking man I live in Fiji now! So cool.Our first activity in Fiji was a sevusevu which is a traditional welcome ceremony. I am told that nothing can be done without having the traditional sevusevu.The sevusevu consists of the Peace Corps staff and the new Peace Corps volunteers meeting all together in a room. The new volunteers have someone offer a gift of a root crop to the staff which they accept and then afterward a special drink is offered to everyone to take part in.Then we had tea time and apparently Fiji has tea time like everyday twice a day. I can get used to having 5 meals a day instead of my usual two.
After tea we had our open water training which was wonderful because the water felt so good, the sun was shining at the right temperature and we got to relax.I've been doing a lot of relaxing here in Fiji.Since then we've been doing Language training and learning the policies and procedures of Peace Corps.My fellow volunteers (about 35 of us) are wonderful [people ,laid back and very supportive of one another. I feel like whatever we need we try to help each other out with.I know those qualities will come in handy as we get more immersed in Fiji life.
The one thing that takes me aback in all of this is how wonderful the weather is and the scenery, it makes me mellow out so much.For those who know my wild and crazy side will be surprised by how mellow I am down here.Everything is just so calming and soothing.

Read this if you are Jamaican:
On another note my uncle and I had said that since Jamaicans are practically all over the world that I should look out for any Jamaican people or things that you would associate as Jamaican.So far I have found out that Digicel is offered here. Courts has a few stores here and I just walked past a dread at the bus stop about 10 mins ago.So there will be pictures and i'm sure more Jamaican incidents to come.

Peace and Blessings


  1. Hi, Janis. It's so cool that you already found things associated with Jamaica in Fiji. Glad that you reached safely and are relaxing. Fiji sounds like a wonderful place and I am thinking I can visit you down there sometime with the rest of the family. Best wishes.

  2. Glad to know you will be working in paradise!!!

    p.s.- see janis..i AM reading your

  3. JANIS!!
    I love the for jamaican parts of this Blog. I can't believe you're in fiji. Keep writing and I'll keep reading